Snow Day

Today was a snow day since the school was unable to clear enough snow for students to safely move around campus. Teachers hate snow days because they are added onto the end of the year, but I tried to make this one count. Was up early and worked out on the treadmill. Worked on some school related projects and then got started on our taxes for the year. Spent the rest of the day on the couch with the chihuahuas. Ash still had to go into work.

Thundersnow Removal

As must happen after a snowstorm, we have to dig out our cars and sidewalk. Ash and I spent about 3 hours total digging out both of our cars and making sure our sidewalk is safe. We piled up snow beyond the bottom of the windows on the front of our house. Pretty incredible how much snow came down in the blizzard yesterday. In fact, towards the end of the day I learned that my school had not been able to remove enough snow to make it safe for students to come to school on Monday – so no school for me tomorrow. No need to work out today, my arms are going to be sore from all the shoveling. Made a potato soup, and Ash made some soda bread.


I have never heard the term before, thundersnow. Apparently, it’s real and it’s predicted to take place with today’s blizzard. Have not heard any thunder yet, but it is definitely windy, cold, and blizzard conditions. Photos and videos don’t do it much justice, but I will post a few below. We spent the day staying warm inside.

Pi Radio Internals

Just a quick update on the Pi Radio. I have been working on the internals and am close to having some nice acrylic mounting panels for the interior of the radio. Additionally, I have chosen a speaker to use, which will replace the old damaged speaker that was in the unit when it was purchased. The new speaker is a 4″ Dayton Audio DMA105 8 ohm, which is also being used by another student for a speaker project they are working on. Will post more on that project once it is further along. My radio needs a few more adjustments to the CAD model, and a couple of more test fits before we can wire it up and test my co-teacher’s coding with the Raspberry Pi. A few photos below showing the updated components inside the radio housing.

Autonomous Car(s)

The Robotics & Engineering shop has acquired a few small electric vehicles, which we intend to use as part of an autonomous vehicle project. One has been sitting in front of our shop for about a year now, while two others were stuck behind some car parts and other debris near the Automotive Technology shop. Not sure why we waited for a nice cold day here in New England, but we decided to free the other two vehicles today and push them down to the parking spots at our shop. It took quite a few students to make get the vehicles to their new location, but I think the students enjoyed the job. Video below of the move.