Today the Sumobots finally did some battle against each other. There were several entries from our student teams, which included names such as Bozo Bot, Mama Tipson, Connoli, Open-Faced Sandwich, Reverse Sandwich, and Kendo(Revived). Many of the bots were not as fully developed as the students wanted, but they are learning the difficulties of creating a fully autonomous robot from scratch. My favorite bot had to be Kendo(Revived) which is far and away the most advanced bot of the group. It features a plasma and waterjet steel scraper and jaw to remove combatants from its path, and is build on a solid foundation with triple traction wheels and custom circuit board. Additionally, the students were adding small magnets to get the bot to the heaviest allowable weight for combat. We had a lot of fun watching the robots today, and will probably have another day of bouts in the next few weeks, which will allow students to update their robots and make them better.


Ash and I took the Archer to KIJD this morning. It’s a small airport in Northern Connecticut. The flight out was uneventful, the air seemed pretty calm at that time of day. We landed without issue and found a parking place on the ramp. We took a short walk down the street to the Aero Diner. A small 50’s diner where we had breakfast. The food was typical diner food, and we enjoyed the meal. The staff was very busy, but courteous. Afterwards we headed back to the airport and took off for our flight back to Marshfield. We were unable to get flight following, seems like the Memorial Day air traffic had caught up with controllers and we were kicked off with ATC. No big deal, we just kept our eyes open and headed home. The air was a bit more bouncy on the way home, but no big deal. Some slight gusting on landing made the touchdown a little more bouncy than usual, but nothing uncomfortable. All in all it was a fun day for flying.


We did some more work on the basement today. Ash took off the doors to the cabinets in preparation for painting. I spent most of the morning watching F1 and then the play in game between Huddersfield and Nottingham Forest. Spent some time preparing for our flight tomorrow morning. Weather looks good.

Nice Little Saturday

Ash and I woke up early and went to Homegoods for some items for the basement. We also went to Home Depot to get paint and other assorted items. Ash is painting the cabinets in the basement. She is also painting the countertop with some type of faux marble finish. I decided to remove the sink, and in so doing did enough damage to warrant the purchase of a new sink. We had some breakfast at Adrianna’s and then headed home to get some work done.

In the afternoon we had tickets to see the new Top Gun movie. So we took a trip into Boston to the Regal Fenway theater. We were devastated when we arrived and were told the bar at the cinema was closed. Luckily, we were able to grab a drink next door. We enjoyed the movie, it hit all the nostalgia that most of us wanted.

Slow Friday

It was a bit of a slow Friday at school. Many of our students went to prom the night before, and were fairly tired today. Some work was accomplished on the canoes, but not very much. Ash and I went to The Quiet Few after work and had some dinner and drinks.