Today is the last day with Eden and his family. Ash had to work, so I took them into the city to walk the Freedom Trail. We had no real destination, so we meandered from State Street down towards the North End and then back up to the Common, finally ending at a visit to Cheers. We had lunch at The Hub in the Boston Garden, which offered a lot of different food selections for the group. We had roast beef sandwiches from Cussers, which is owned by the same people who own Mooncussers. The weather was against us all day, pouring rain which made walking around fairly miserable, so we decided to head home early. We relaxed at the house during the afternoon until Eden and his family headed to the airport. I hope they enjoyed the visit, and will come back soon.

Flying with Eden

Eden and I left the house early this morning to go flying. We had a little issue a few miles from the airport when the door to the cabin came open. Eden spent a few minutes trying to fix it, but we were unable to get it closed, so we returned back to the field. Once on the ground we were able to get it closed correctly, and took off again for our destination of Keene, New Hampshire. We had a nice breakfast in Keene, although we found the service to be a little slow. On our return trip the air was a bit bumpy, but no real issues. That evening we had dinner at Rosetti’s Cafe in Winthrop. Always a good meal there.

Salem and Marblehead

We began the morning getting some coffee at Adriana’s in Winthrop. Afterwards, we drove to Salem and toured the House of the Seven Gables. I enjoyed the tour, and as we were walking around afterwards, we realized there was a large parade about to start, so we cut our visit short and headed to Marblehead for lunch at the Barnacle. I think Eden and Danielle enjoyed the atmosphere there, and then we walked around the fort on the cliff after the meal. Later in the evening we headed back into the city for a dinner at The Banks Fish House. The food is very good there, surprised it is not more busy.


Ash and I spent the day preparing for Eden’s arrival. We did go into the city in the morning to work out, and then afterwards came back to the house to make sure everything was ready. We had a fair amount of cleaning still to do. I took a quick shot of OId Ironsides for Eden to get him excited for the visit. They arrived without issue around 9pm, and we showed them around the house and had a few cocktails.

Last Day

Today was the last day of school. Only 1 of our Junior/Senior class students came to school today, and I don’t blame them. We finished up our cleaning, and I let the students watched videos on the large screen in our classroom. After school, I drove Sam to the vocational teachers end of year party. It was at the Saugus Elks club, and we had Blue Ribbon BBQ. We only stayed for a little bit and then left. I was ready to be home, and am looking forward to taking some rest after my brothers visit, which begins tomorrow!