DIY Sous Vide

I came across this website and decided to give it a try. In fact, I actually emailed the guy from this website and we then had a phone exchange, and he answered many of my questions about putting this thing together. I’ve had this sous vide machine for well over a year and it has performed magnificently. I will never cook a piece of meat again without using this thing. The total cost for the project was about $100, which is much cheaper than purchasing one of these online. Soon after building the machine, I decided to make a sleek acrylic box to house the electronics, which you can see pictured.

Another nice thing about this machine is its two components. Their is the controller box, which controls power to two outlets on its side. Then there is the sous vide box, which contains the elements that heat up the water, water pump, and measure temperature. You can create other types of boxes, such as a smoker, that could also talk to the controller box. Perhaps that will be another project, creating the smoker unit to work with the controller box. Still working on an Instructable for this guy. Hopefully will have one soon!

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