Health Assisting

Today the Health Assisting teachers asked me to draw up a plan of their classroom so they can continue to be an accredited location for taking the CNA test. They have been a location for several years, however, for some reason the requirements to maintain that status has now changed and they must provide a fairly robust packet of materials in order to prove their worth. One part of that packet is a plan of the classroom as well as site plan showing how one enters the building and makes their way to the classroom. It was nice to utilize my architecture skills to help them out. Will post the plan below.


Today I started milling a part that will become a student project. The idea is to have each student learn how to mill their own Arduino holder. The holder allows for easy prototyping, and will give them hands on knowledge of how to use CAD and CAM to to setup a part.

The CAD aspect of the project utilizes a spec sheet in order to get mounting hole dimensions for the Arduino. Students will learn how to import a canvas into Fusion 360 and calibrate the canvas to the correct size. Next, students can build their holder directly on the canvas. Additionally, the CAD project requires importing components from McMaster Carr, and then using the CAM features of Fusion 360 to create the tool paths on two sides of the part. Lastly, the holder requires a laser cut top. Here is an image of the project below.


I was able to setup the CAM today and began cutting stock to size. This process started with making 3 cuts on our vertical bandsaw to a large piece of aluminum stock and then placing the stock on our Trax mill to get more precise with the stock dimensions. I am looking for a stock size of 3.2 x 2.6 x 0.8 inches.  Below are some images of cutting the stock.