Not sure how these stops and starts happen, but I’m planning to be back on track for daily writing. I guess this time it was my brother’s wedding, which required travel across the country and interrupted my schedule. Or I’m lazy.

Our students are in their last month or so of school, and are working on a variety of interesting projects. Juniors and Seniors have cardboard boats under construction, while the Sophomores are just finishing their Sumobots. They had their first contest with them yesterday, and will have some time to learn from the contest and rework the bots. Additionally, we have some metal signs being finished from our waterjet machine, as well as a lasercut wood barrel top for a local distillery. Lastly, we finally hung up our Tetris game in the front lobby of the school. It looks great, and is getting a lot of attention. Some images below.


The Tetris is finally complete. This has been a project that is several years in the making. In fact, the current seniors were Freshmen when we first build the frame for the project. Obviously, COVID played a role in the delay of the project, but a lot of credit needs to go to Senior Dylan who has spent most of the year rewiring, creating PCBs, and writing a lot of complicated code to get this thing working. We finally moved it to a new resting place in our shop for some ‘testing’ until we get final approval to mount it in the front hallway of the school. Currently, the game can be played with any smart device. Will have a more thorough writeup of the project coming soon. Images and video below.