Half Day

Today was the first of the remaining half days of school. I’ve mentioned it before, but these day are generally pretty useless, and are simply makeup for snow days we missed. We must get to 180 days of school, so we have 4 total half days added to our schedule this year. Our freshmen finished up working on the Turner’s Cube. Although we did not finish a cube, they learned the process, and we will continue it next year. The upperclassmen continued to clean the shop and perform some odd last minute jobs. Our Robotics team is working furiously to get their Rover completed before they leave on Tuesday. I believe they will spend some time in the shop over the weekend in order to get ready. Many of those students have asked their teachers for permission to stay in the Robotics Shop all day to work on the rover. Almost all of them were granted permission, so the shop was fairly busy this afternoon.