Today I was back in the air in N724CA with Aaron from our club. I battled a bit of traffic on my way down to Marshfield, but was able to get there just about 8:30. We got the plane ready and departed straight out towards KIJD (Windham) in Connecticut. There were some low clouds as we got closer to KIJD, so we dropped down to about 2500′, which actually worked out since we flew the RNAV 27 from the Putnam VOR even though I did not have a hood on. We landed without incident and taxied back and took off back for Marshfield. Again we had to stay a bit low for clouds, and were eventually diverted around North Central due to some jumpers. All in all it was a comfortable and stress free flight. Aaron did a great job with the radios, and was an awesome copilot.

Afterwards, Ash and I went into the city and walked around a bit. We ended up at Mr. Dooley’s for a pint of Guinness and then stopped the the High Street Place to see what it was all about. We had a drink and a snack at The Dive Bar, which was enjoyable if not a bit expensive. The overall feeling in there was ok, I’d go back.

Ash and I taking the ferry from Eastie to Boston