I had a rather strange first world problem today. I’ve recently begun using Spotify more often because it is linked to me new Tesla. I added several BBC podcasts as well as This American Life to my Spotify account, but when I tried to listen to them through the Spotify app in my Tesla, all the episodes were greyed out. On my other devices, my desktop and phone, the episodes show up normally and play without issue.

So, I contacted Spotify to see what is happening. Not sure they totally understood the issue, but after a lot of explaining, this was the response.

Somehow the Spotify app in a Tesla does not have the rights to certain podcasts. Spotify suggested that I contact Tesla regarding the issue, but I told them the car works just fine, it’s Spotify that seems to be having the issues. For now, I can listen to those greyed out podcasts using the TuneIn app in the Tesla. A minor annoyance, but curious now about how licensure agreements work for Spotify.