Vintage Antique Market

After working out this morning, Ash and I went into the city. We were a bit hungry and stopped at the HubHall in the Boston Garden for some food. This type of venue is rather popular now in Boston, I know of at least 3 or 4 throughout the city. Basically, they are food courts that feature local restaurants and pubs. We decided on a ramen place called Momosan. I had a spicy ramen dish that was quite good, and Ash had some dumplings. I would definitely go back. We walked to the Antique market but did not find anything we needed, so we headed back into Boston. We stopped at the Pine Bar in the Boston Public Market for a drink. Both bartenders were from Eastie, and one lived in Orient Heights. The Public Market has needed a bar for a while, so its nice to finally have a place for a drink in there.